Saturday, 14 January 2012

I am bored !!!

Hello Hello by FT island

I was supposed to ignored u, but when i read your message, i couldn't not respond because i still thingking our relationships. That the reason why i tolerate with u...If i said that i can't help u, i'm so sure it will be hot gossip between u and the others...i'm really sure about it but i was thinking why n why? i has question but i keep it in my question ask!!!

Today i was alone at home..So bored, nobody to talk and  laugh as usual...housemates go out in the morning and until now they don't back again. i don't feel to go out tonight, just wanna stay and rest at home. I already spent many hours on the notebook but i don't know what i'm doing except open youtube and facebook. Owhh yah, btw thanks to Fahmy because of you, today i was listen "hello hello" for many times even i'm not understand the lyrics but the music is nice bebeh...Maybe i can ask YB to translate the lyrics...haha

Ok, wanna updated what going on yesterday...Mr. blog, u know what? of cos u dunno because i don't tell u again right??? haha

As employee in Hanjin Shipping almost one year, of coz i'm so happy to meet Chairwomen aka CEO of the Hanjin from Korea. She comes for the for the first visit PKGSC in Malaysia. She look nice and young. Before this, i thought she older than that...haha...Then, because of her, we all got muffin cake as a visited gift...hmmm it so sedappp okey...hehe...owhh lupa plak nak bgthu nama die Madam Choi...nama korea aku xhengat lah plak...nak tersembur air liur nak menyebutnye...haha. Kerana Madam Choi nih jugaklah Abg Nazri mcm lipas kudung kesana sini membuat preparation...everything is done and hope she like it ~ ~

Then last night, aku kuar dengan member cuti2 crazy + budak umah fyda...Ktorang da decide nak lepak kat murni Kelana Jaya...As usual, nak dapatkan meja bukannya senang, dekat setengah jam jugak ler jadi tiang bendera menunggu meja...walaupon lama nak dptkan meja tapi apa yang best services die mmg terbaik...xsmp 15 minit makanan yang d order dah sampai n makanan2 die mmg superb nak cter lebey, kalau nk tahu kene p try sendiri...hehe

Sambil menaip nih, tanpa sedar habis keropok segera satu plastik...haha...nak kuar beli makanan maleh + sorang2, so ckp lah keropok segera jadi santapan mlm nih yer...perut jgn nk berkeroncong lebey2 erk...huhu

Kaki nih terasa lenguh2 akibat berjogging ptg da lame bersara n skang baru nak start balik...hehe

Hmmm da kol 10, so kite nak mintak diri dulu lah. Nak layan cekerama kat tv3 lak...hehu


# Thanks God, i still have that feelings!!!

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