Saturday, 28 May 2011

I can't describe the feeling, really...

Mood : Unknown

Cik blog,
I just know that my heart does something weird inside but i can't describe it's one of melancholy, but warmer , indescribable. Does any of this make sense cik blog??? 

I was supposed to ignore, but we all carry reminders of the past...It's sometimes hard to dissuade my self to let go... 

It's possible to describe a feeling Cik blog??? Maybe yah, coz sometimes it to deep and i think that y it hard to say in any word or to xpress...This feeling killing me inside. All i wanted to do was to be free from all this!!!

is it possible to describe a feeling?
it can't be possible to describe a feeling,
bcoz the feeling i feel,
are more than can ever describe


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