Saturday, 8 October 2011

today my life is so bored!!!

Song: Cinta muka buku
mood: tersgt lah borinkkk

Omaigoshhh i'm trapped in this really boring life today...dunno wat to do because of the raining outhere...just stay at home watching tv, listen the radio and most of my time is friend go out n leave me alone...they have class on every weekend...then  now, i'm thinking shud i further my study same wif my housemates??? hmmm i dun think i totally ready to do that...wait yah!!! coming soon...haha

hopefully tomorrow not the same day...but for this time being i have no idea n planning wat to do tomorrow..haha

wait n c je lah...

# When tested with problems, returns to Him as He alone knows what is the best for us"


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